Google Base Resources


Google Base is a free service that allows you to post and share your content online. Google hosts the content, assigning it a unique URL, and makes the content searchable so that other users can find it. Your content also becomes available in the main Google search results and other relevant Google searches. It is an effective tool for reaching an online audience. When you post your content, you can use labels (keywords) and attributes (descriptive words or phrases that help characterize the content) to tag the content, making it easier for other users to find the content when they search Google Base.
The About Google Base page includes a description of Google Base (What is Google Base), Quick Facts, Screenshots and a FAQ. In the FAQ you will learn about labels and attributes, the types of information you can post, how to post your content, the benefits of using Google Base, how to advertise your content using Google AdWords and more.
Google Base Editorial Guidelines provide the rules for creating content on Google Base. Includes rules regarding punctuation, capitalization, grammar and spelling, unacceptable phrases (like “click here”) and more.
Google Base Program Policies describe content that is disallowed on Google Base. For example, your site must be working. If your site is not working or under construction, you must pause your posting. Also, you cannot submit sites that promote violence, illegal products or activities, gambling, bulk marketing, keyword stuffing and more.
Instructions for uploading content to Google Base directly and for bulk uploading using FTP.
Google Base Help Center includes information about getting started, account management, managing postings, trouble shooting, international postings, links to the top five questions of the day and more.
To post content on Google Base you will need a free Google account. Once you have an account, you will have access to other Google services including Personalized Search, Personalized Homepage, Google Groups, Froogle Shopping List, Google Alerts, and Google Answers.
Google Base is in beta but is already accepting submissions in numerous categories including blogs, coupons, course schedules, events, jobs, news, vehicles, wanted ads, comic books, recipes and more.
Listing of all Google Base entries labeled “events and activities.” At the top of the results page, you can specify a location and you can select a date or a date range. The Google Base will then list all the posted events and activities in that area on the specified date(s), and a map marking the exact location of each. Click on the balloons on the map to see the event details including title, address and contact information. Click on the title of the event to go to the Google Base page for the event.
Listing of all Google Base entries labeled “jobs.” You can refine your search by employers, industry or job function.
Listing of all Google Base entries labeled “vehicles.” Refine your search by model, year new or used, color and more. This new service will allow Google Base to compete directly with eBay automotive sales by allowing anyone selling their car to reach a massive audience through Google. The Google Base service is free—you do not pay Google to post the ad nor do you pay a percentage of the sale.
Listing of all Google Base entries labeled “people profiles.” This is a tremendous new social networking site. You can search people profiles based on gender, marital status, age, location, employer, occupation and more. You could use this for anything from dating to finding new friends in your city to networking with others in your industry or at a company where you hope to work. People are already posting profiles with pictures.
Google Base Articles
Article entitled “Google Launches Google Base” discusses how this new service will enable Google to compete with localized services such as the Yellow Pages.
Article entitled, “Google Moves Off First Base” discusses how the launch of Google Base will allow Google to compete in the classified advertising market.
Article entitled, “Google Base to Store it All” discusses the new service and how some businesses are using it to their advantage. For example, uses the service to increase the exposure of its job postings.
This article describes the Google Base service, how to upload your content, label and tag it, and how Google Base fits into Google’s master plan. It also discusses how this service could eventually compete with businesses like and eBay.
Article entitled, “Google Makes Move on Listings, Searchable Database a Distinct Threat to Classified Business.”
Article entitled, “Google at First Base” is a critical review of the Google Base service.
Search Engine Lowdown (a search engine news site) has compiled a few quotes about Google Base from industry experts including John Battelle, author of The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture, who views Google Base as a new way to get your content indexed.
Article entitled, “GoogleList? GoogleBay?” discusses how Google Base could compete with eBay, craigslist and newspaper classified advertising.
Article entitled, “Big Waves from ‘Google Base.’ Is the search giant preparing for a landgrab in online auctions? Or classified ads? Or even more? It's sure looking that way.”
Article entitled, “Google Base Attack” discusses Google’s move into the online classified advertising space.
Article, entitled “ analysis: Google Base goes far beyond an eBay competitor. Google's database could enable new web-based applications.” Discusses how Google Base might be used to share information by people in various industries.
Article entitled, “Google Base: A New Rival for eBay and Craigslist?”
Article entitled, “Google Gives Web Users a New Base.”
Article entitled, “Google Launches Beta Version of Google Base.”
Announcement of Google Base posted on the official Google Blog. It provides examples of some of the companies and organizations using the Google Base service. For example, is using Google Base to reach students and parents searching for information about colleges and universities, and the World Resources Institute is using Google Base to distribute information about climate change and other environmental issues.
PC World blog entry entitled, “Google Base is Live” discusses how the service is not yet a threat to eBay or as some have predicted.
Blog entry entitled “Poking at Google Base” discusses the current status of the service and questions how it might be used, or abused, as it develops. One concern raised in the entry is how the use of the tagging tools could be abused. Another question the author has is how Google will handle any copyright issues and if they will actively pursue complaints.
The author of this blog on ZDNet discusses some of the APIs he’d like to see for Google Base, such as ATOM feeds or a way to tie-in Google Base and Google Maps.