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The hardest thing in the world is to ask the right question.-- John Battelle

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 In 2001 gold, silver, zinc and copper were cheap. In real terms  cheaper then they had ever been.  From a contrarian perspective,   I was sure investments in that sector would perform.

In terms of risk/reward silver metal is a no brainer. Fuller Money and major Hedge funds are interested in Silver for its "no downside" potential. While base metals have outperformed the precious metals, as the US economy weakens and the dollar falls, the precious metals will catch up and overtake other  metals.

Uranium is the only clear bull market that can withstand a general economic slowdown.

 The rise in all metal prices is telling you something, are you listening?

Take an  interest in the current commodity cycle...and the implications for investors in the US and Australia.  Its clear that global  growth is pushing up against available resources. In light of the poorer grades, higher costs and rising demand,  this be more or less peak everything at prices anything like today's.

The site is a "bad hack" I know, but I'm working on making it more effective..

If your can grasp the scope of the economic consequences of peak oil, climate change and the emerging competition for natural resources, uranium in particular, you're focused on the future: Events are moving a lot faster than you realise and it would be wise for you to invest a portion of your assets in Gold, Silver and Uranium and the shares of those mining companies that operate in politically stable areas.

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The context of the site is the current commodity super cycle, the fate of the world economy and the future of the planet. It's also clear to this writer that global warming is real, but its terrible power is just now emerging due to "global dimming."

What I've been reading today.

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 Check out my take on the precious metals markets, the big picture, food for thought and reasons why all this stuff matters.

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 BTW excuse the mess, this is a work in progress.

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Key documents suggesting  Central Bank Financial Engineering that underpriced the precious metals was the central tier of the US "strong dollar policy". It is the unwinding of that policy that may be driving gold.
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