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I know the power of a good idea. My professional interests were the web and information retrieval, I trained librarians. Having studied economic history it became clear that great changes were near.

My premise is that the  economic decline of the United States, political stresses and supply and demand fundamentals have created unique investment opportunities: back in 2001 when commodities were selling for less in real terms than ever before, I recommended silver as an investment as its price was the lowest it had been in 600 years Uranium, gold and silver will be propelled to new inflation adjusted highs near the 3000 an oz level and as of mid Feb 2007, I calculate that base metal prices and the CRB index are at some 30% of the eventual highs.

Silver remains a interesting special case; the only investment that has tremendous upside with almost no downside risk. In a few years it will probably trade at over US$50 an oz. 

Australian resource companies that can navigate the cost pressures of peak oil have a tremendous future.  Inflation and rising rates can be expected over the next few years.

Looking at equity markets I conclude that the United States will see recession in 2007, but, apart from corrections,  this will not impact commodity prices due to  Chinese, Indian and resurgent Japanese demand. The US fiscal situation is beyond conventional remedy; this once financially strong nation must now either massively inflate or spiral into deflation. (think of Japan without the savings).

To preserve wealth in this scenario one  must invest in well run resource companies, for the record, my favourite mid cap is a company called Oxiana. My central message is that the rules of the game are about to suddenly change: are you ready? 

With the careful use of leverage, one should be able to triple net worth over the next two years; because opportunities like this don't arrive every day, I feel its important I share my insight.

I wrote a year ago that "The current bull market in uranium producers and explorers probably hasn't even begun". Well, its begun but just getting started.

My work is informed by my passion for the sciences, the history and philosophy of science and a long view of history; a record of manias, crashes, conflict and accelerating technological and social change.

 Please feel free to write anytime and pop back often.

I live in Sydney, Australia.



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