About Kontent Konsult

Growing up in Sydney in the late golden age of fossil fuels I was passionate
the sea, motorcycles, science fiction and economics but I kept my
sincerest respect for
the sciences.
Perfect preparation for the twenty first century, it turned out.

Came of age a hippy and trekked the trail from Indonesia to Afghanistan,
knocking my head not understanding why I had a restless intelligence;
structure, solace and comfort I found in life was understanding.

I've worked as a Public Administrator,salesman, IT consultant, trainer and
developer/manager of pay-as-you-go information services for the State
Library of NSW.
The late nineties bubble and crash in US markets attracted
my curiosity.

Fairly scary aspects of reality were invisible to the mainstream but
inevitable, I saw.

Primarily, that a major secular shift away from financial assets to
commodities and precious metals is underway disguised by what I call
"classic late empire credit bubble dynamics"; enabled by financial
engineering, marketing and electronic networks.

Lately, I been reading a lot of history and philosophy looking at the historical
precedents to today.
As far as can still see, peak everything is the real deal
and resources and alternate energy the stuff from which futures and
fortunes will be built.

The premise of the site is that it is not only possible for citizens to take
responsibility for their own finances, but that at this inflection point, with the
financial sector massively and abnormally oversize, the large institutions
that manage our wealth no longer work, they have become artifacts of self
serving executives, twenty years of declining interest rates and the debt,
leverage and arbitrage made possible by US dollar hegemony.

US dollar hegemony is unlikely to see out the decade, if not the year.

The theme is that by avoiding the many traps and forgoing excitement
ordinary people can not only grasp what is happening in the world but acting
on that knowledge, grow their wealth without the institutional support of the
formal wealth management sector.
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