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You can read my column "The Librarian's Spin" at Chris Prillo has a great team.

To manage ILANET so it was both commercially successful and a credit to the State Library was my dream, so I took responsibility: information literacy opened doors for me and I wanted to share. I fell out with the previous State Librarian and it  was closed, I'm not surprised as I was no longer there to maintain its profitability. I  liked to write.
The American economy is in a "secular bear" market,  and  things will get better only after they have got very much worse. This is not pop Mises, but truly "uncommon news for the wise investor". A remarkable effort by Jim and Mary Puplava and the team.
 Information is not the main thing, it is everything: religion, cosmology and a old off beat site of mine. If you get past the design you will discover why I am serious about these ideas, still.
A fine institution of underrated professionals who gave me opportunities for which I'm grateful. Website's good as well.
 Peak Oil is a fact that is going to take quite a bit of getting used to. Its a worry.
Science is all we have, it is the "Candle in the dark"! I don't have much time for anything else, I have too much gratitude for being able to stand on" the shoulder of giants."            We are not good at seeing things that creep up on us very slowly. Our societies will eventually demand action so lets hope it not too late to act then. Take my word for it, Tim's the real deal and just the man to help us understand the stakes.

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The people of the California State library system do some great work. This is some of it.

The Austrian School of economics
Fiscally conservative and much more  important than you might think. People don't appreciate that central banking using fiat, in the end, always leads to disaster. We will all be reminded soon enough.

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