Canadian  and US juniors

Adresmin Gold Corp - This Canadian company entered into negotiations with a private Peruvian prospector to acquire a 'high- quality' uranium project in Peru.


Aflease - Completing a study on production from the Dominion Reefs and Rietkuil properties in South Africa. The output would be marketed by Nufcor International Ltd.


Alberta Star Development Corp - Alberta Star has high hopes for its Longtom property in Canada’s Great Bear area in the Northwest Territories. The company has called this property its 'Olympic Dam-style' iron, copper, gold, silver, cobalt, and uranium project.


Altius Minerals Corp -Entered into a joint venture with JNR Resources Inc to develop the Rocky Brook uranium property in western Newfoundland, Canada. Altius and partner Fronteer Development Group have a uranium exploration program under way in the central mineral belt of Labrador.


Bell Coast Capital Corp - The company is proceeding with due diligence on acquiring a 50% interest in US Energy Corp’s Sheep Mountain uranium properties in Wyoming. Bell Coast has also agreed to purchase about 2200 acres of uranium-containing property in Sweetwater and Fremont counties, Wyoming, from a private Nevada company, Southwest Geothermal Inc.


Bitterroot Resources Ltd - This Canadian company has entered into an option/joint venture agreement with Cameco Corp covering exploration targets within a 780 square mile area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA.


CanAlaska - The company hopes 'to control one of the largest uranium exploration portfolios in the Athabasca Basin' area of Saskatchewan, Canada. It said in November 2004 that it had minerals claims on some 440,000 acres.


Energy Metals Corp - In 2004, Energy Metals (formerly Clan Resources) acquired a 100% interest in the Aurora uranium property in Oregon and in uranium properties in Utah, Wyoming, and Arizona.


Fronteer Development Group - In September 2004, Fronteer announced that it and its partner, Northwestern Development Group, had intersected high-grade uranium mineralization in a recent drill program at the Longtom property in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Fronteer is also a partner with Altius Mineral Corp on a uranium exploration program in Labrador, Canada, and with Albert Star.


Hornby Bay Exploration Ltd - The company has received assays for five high-grade samples taken at its Coppermine River uranium claims in Canada’s Nunavut.


International KRL Resources Corp (IRK) - The company has acquired an option on 52 claims at the Nor property in the Yukon Territory, Canada. IRK has also acquired a mineral claim block on the Carswell Dome Formation in Saskatchewan.


JNR Resources Inc (JNR) - The company has a joint venture with International Uranium Corp (IUC) to explore the Moore Lake area of northern Saskatchewan, Canada, for uranium. JNR is also planning to explore for uranium at its 100%-owned Black Lake project on the north rim of the Athabasca Basin. It has a joint venture with Altius Minerals on exploring for uranium in Newfoundland.


Landmark Minerals Inc - This is a Canadian junior exploration company focused on exploring and developing uranium properties in Algeria.


Laramide Resources Ltd - This Canadian company is acquiring the Westmoreland copper/gold/uranium project in Queensland, Australia. Laramide expects this developmental-stage project to become its 'flagship asset'.


Northern Continental Resources Inc (NCR) - The company is planning an exploration program for the Russell Lake uranium project in the Athabasca Basin of Saskatchewan, Canada.


Quincy Gold Corp - The company has been staking claims for uranium-containing property in the Horse Creek area of Natrona County, Wyoming (an area formerly explored by Phillips Petroleum and Union Carbide) and in Sandoval County, New Mexico. Quincy Gold is also pursuing a controlling interest in the Hosta Butte deposit in New Mexico, the Hansen deposit in Colorado, and a property in the Churchrock area of New Mexico.


Rampart Ventures Ltd - The company has been acquiring uranium properties in the Thunder Bay area of northern Ontario, Canada.


Rodinia Minerals Inc - This Canadian company has entered into an option agreement with Cooper Minerals of Nevada, USA, to buy a 100% interest in the Workman Creek uranium deposit in Gilia County, Arizona.


Solex Resources Corp - This Canadian company specializes in the acquisition and development of uranium and base metal- properties in Peru.


Solitaire Minerals Corp - The company has increased its uranium landholdings in the Riou Lake area of northern Saskatchewan, Canada.


Southern Cross Resources Inc (SCR) - This Canadian company announced that it would delay development of its Honeymoon project in Australia. The company said that as the price of uranium increases, Honeymoon could be brought on line quickly and in the context of 'the large regional exploration opportunity that is currently being explored'. SCR has a drilling program under way at Goulds Dam, which is about 75 kilometers from Honeymoon. The company has also entered into a joint venture with Equinox Resources Ltd, which gives SCR access to a property adjoining Goulds Dam. In Canada, SCR has a letter agreement with Pitchstone Exploration Ltd to earn a 50% interest in a number of Pitchstone’s properties in the Athabasca Basin in northern Saskatchewan.


Starfire Minerals Inc - The company optioned the Capri uranium prospect near Gran Remous, Quebec, Canada.


Strathmore Minerals Corp - The company has uranium properties in the US, Canada, and Peru. It is evaluating the NoseRock area in New Mexico for a possible underground operation or in situ leach operation.


Trend Mining Co - The company has signed a letter of intent with Nuinsco Resources Ltd as 'a prelude to a joint venture agreement relating to Trend’s Cree Lake/Diabase Peninsula Project in Saskatchewan'. Under these arrangements, Nuinsco will assume operating management and will explore for uranium mineralization on mining claims that Trend owns or holds under a purchase option in the Athabasca Basin, Canada.


Triex Minerals Corp - The company has entered into an agreement with Roughrider Uranium Corp to acquire a 51% interest in approximately 220,000 acres in the Athabasca Basin in Northeast Alberta, Canada, in an area known as the Old Fort Bay property. Triex and Roughrider have jointly acquired a 50% interest in 11,000 acres situated in the Maybelle River area with Strathmore Minerals Corp.


UEX Corp - The company was formed under an agreement between Cameco Corp and Pioneer Metals Corp and is an active explorer in the Athabasca Basin in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. UEX has a total of 13 projects either 100%-owned, joint ventured or under option totaling approximately 248,000 hectares located in the eastern, western and northern perimeters of the Athabasca Basin.


UGL Enterprises Ltd - In late December 2004, UGL announced that it had closed on its acquisition of a 100% interest in the Naidal uranium project located in northeast Mongolia for US$5,000 in cash and 100,000 shares of the company’s stock. UGL said it also has several other uranium projects in Mongolia under review.


Uravan Minerals Inc - The company is planning to use the proceeds from the private placement of shares in the company to fund exploration at its Boomerang uranium and gold property in the southwest Thelon Basin of the Northwest Territories, Canada.


Western Prospector Group Ltd - This Canadian company announced in December 2004 that it had acquired three additional uranium properties in the Saddle Hills uranium basin in northeastern Mongolia. The acquisition, the company said, brought Western Prospector’s total holdings to 100,659 contiguous hectares in the Saddle Hills basin.


Yankee Hat Minerals Ltd - The company has signed a binding letter of intent to acquire a 50% interest in uranium on permits covering some 18-million acres in the North West Territories of Canada.


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